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—  Tomatoes  —

Please ask our tomato sommelier about tomato flavors and unique charateristics


Whites  -- Yellow Mortgage Lifter; Great White

Yellows  -- Gold Medal; Dr. Wyche; Hugh's; Manyel

Pinks  -- Brandy boy; Brandywine (Suddeth's); Crnkovic (Yugoslavian); Dr. Lyle; Omar's (Lebanese); Large Pink (Bulgarian); Olena

Purples  -- Cherokee Purple; Black Krim; Black from Tula; Black Giant; Eli's Brandypurple (our own variety originally spotted by our son, Eli Kurlbaum)

Greens  -- Pork Chop; Aunt Ruby; Tasty Evergreen; Black Pinapple

Smalls  -- Lucid Gem; Arkansas Traveler (red); Red Zebra; Green Zebra; Eva's Purple Ball; Juanne Flamme (Sky's favorite); Earl of Edge Comb

Striped  -- Pineapple; Big Rainbow; Hillbilly

Reds  -- Italian Heirloom; Zogola; Akers West Va

Brown  -- Cherokee Chocolate


Sally Kuklenski, the Tomato Lady's Sister and co-founder of the business, shows off our wares at Japer's Restaurant.