Chef Devin Campbell--Sailor Jack's--July 21 (Sat) 6:00 pm

Chef Devin Campbell--Sailor Jack's--July 21 (Sat) 6:00 pm


Chef Devin Campbell—who started working in the food industry at age 14—has been a self-proclaimed “ambitious eater” since childhood. Nine years into his career, he landed his first chef job at The Foundry. From there, he went on to learn the art of butchery and charcuterie at Local Pig, and then as Sous Chef at Preservation Market. Next, he dove head-first into the world of fine dining at The American for two years until the restaurant closed. For the next year, Devin continued working under Chef Michael Corvino at Corvino Supper Club + Tasting Room, honing his fine-dining chops as Sous Chef. 

When the owners of Beer KC asked him to rejoin the team as Opening Head Chef at Sailor Jack’s Snack Shack, Devin was excited by the change of pace from fine dining to sea shanty grub.  His background and skills bring a unique—but approachable—level of sophistication to a seafood-forward menu designed to delight the masses.


Saison vinegar compressed watermelon. Circus frisée salad. Tomato infused Ricotta. Agrumato. 

Seared and chilled scallop. Hazelnut milk. Cilantro oil. Tomato salt.

Tomato agnolotti. Spring onion. Parmesan milk. Gochugaru oil. 

Sherry braised Beef shank. Calabrian oil confit tomato. Corn pudding. Grilled oyster mushrooms.  

Green tomato ice cream. Basil lemon bar. Candied wild rice. Mint syrup.


Nicki Scruggs, vocalist/guitarist [See bio under “Dinners” page on this website]

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